Group Benefits

One of the most pressing issues of today’s business world is the need to attract and retain the most qualifiedGroup benfits
individuals for your firm. One of the most important components to their employment is to maintain a balanced and attractive package of group benefits. The challenge then is how to develop and maintain a competitive and cost-effective strategy for your company’s group benefit plans.

Group Health – Typically the centerpiece of the benefits package considered most important to employees. The Angus Group has access to local, regional and national vendors for fully insured or self-funded plan designs. We specialize in creating value with the support of high quality service.

Group Dental – Increasingly an important benefit from an employee’s perspective. The Angus Group has access to all dental vendors whether your strategy is contributory or voluntary.

Group Life – Commonly an employer paid benefit that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your employee population. The Angus Group utilizes only A-rated companies or better.

Group Disabilities, Short Term and Long Term – Income support protection for employees who are out of work due to illness or injury. The Angus Group can recommend specific cost-effective strategies that can protect your workforce on a contributory or voluntary basis.

Group Long Term Care – Increasingly becoming more important as our workforce ages. This coverage protects them in their later years from the cost of custodial care. This product is used as an employer benefit to the general  workforce as well as an executive carve-out for the more senior members. It can also be offered on a voluntary basis to even family members of the employee.